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The work we put into our cattle and livestock year-round can be undone in the matter of a day when stress strikes. No matter how fit, healthy, alert, and prepared cattle may be leading up to a major event, something a small as trailering to the arena, or sleeping in a new space, can derail your work up to that point. The biggest issue we face before a major show, or whenever we hit the road, is ensuring stress levels remain low, and that cattle stay on their food and water.


Stierwalt Crave is our #1 show day must-have. Within minutes, this all-natural appetite booster neutralizes acidity levels in livestock, encouraging healthier digestion, increasing appetite, and promoting water intake. Stierwalt Crave is a simple-to-administer, cost-effective, and 100% natural safeguard for keeping weight on livestock in stressful environments.


However, this product isn’t just for show day. Whether you’re weaning, hauling, tagging, or vaccinating, combat stress and stabilize your livestock’s nerves with this safe and simple organic supplement. Visit our Facebook page to read testimonials from customers who have tried our product, or to leave a note about your own experience.